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Our online AI detector checks whether your content is generated by ChatGPT, GPT 4, Gemini, Claude or Human. You can detect AI writing by giving input up to 1000 words at the same time without any cost and get 95% accurate detection.

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How to use an AI Content Detector?

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The AI detector scans your text and gives authentic results in percentage.

Table of Contents

Introduction to AI detector online

AI Content Detector is an online tool that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to check your written text. It tells you if your content is written by a human or an AI writing tool.

The AI detector examines the writing style and sentence structuring. It analyzes your content using NLP before telling you that it was written by an AI tool like ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.

After checking the content, our AI detector with percentage shows you the AI similarity percentage. Try this AI writing checker before submitting or publishing the content.

Features of AI writing detector

The AI text detector offers top features that help you with AI content detection. Some of the top features to check ai percentage are:

  • Detects AI writing, repetition of same words, phrases and sentences.
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.
  • Checking text of any length, from a single sentence to 1000+ words.
  • Providing you a percentage score for how likely content is AI-created.
  • Comparing syntax, vocabulary, and semantics to AI and human models.
  • Machine learning model trained on large datasets of human and AI-written text.
  • High accuracy in identifying paraphrased content.
  • Contextual coherence checks.

These top features make our tool the best AI detector with no word limit.

Tip: Check AI similarity of 50+ words to have more accurate and consistant results.

How does AI detector work and detect AI writing?

Our AI percentage detector uses advanced algorithms like natural language processing and statistical analysis to check if the content is original. The key components for detecting AI content are:

1. Semantic Analysis

Our AI text detector examines the meaning and logic of the text to identify if it reads like human writing. AI-generated text often contains semantic inconsistencies and lacks logical coherence that human writing typically maintains. Our tool detects these differences and provides a similarity percentage to indicate the likelihood of AI authorship.

2. Stylometric Analysis

Stylometric analysis examines the linguistic style of a text. Our AI percentage checker analyzes vocabulary usage, sentence construction, and grammar application to identify characteristic stylistic patterns typical of AI-generated writing.

3. Statistical Analysis

Our AI content detector analyzes text statistics such as word frequency, sentence length, and repetition. AI writing often uses a limited set of common words repeatedly, while human writing typically exhibits a wider vocabulary.

AI-generated sentences are usually lengthy and contain more clauses and jargon compared to those written by humans. This AI detector with percentage identifies these statistical patterns to highlight clear differences.

Who can use this AI checker online?

Our machine learning engineers and data scientists have worked extensively to make this AI content detector versatile. It isn't restricted to specific users; in fact, it is a tool helpful for almost everyone. Here are some of the main users who can benefit from using our tool.

User Group

Purpose of Using AI Content Detector


They can use it for editing work, correcting errors, improving style and clarity in novels, articles, blogs, etc.


They can check their academic papers and assignments for plagiarism, grammar and spelling errors, and proper formatting.


Use it to detect facts, checking and proofreading news stories to uphold accuracy and journalistic standards.


Researchers can use it for reviewing academic papers and studies to fix mistakes and improve quality before publication.


They can easily verify the correct advertising content such as social posts, emails, and webpages.

HR Professionals

HR professionals can use it for screening resumes and job applications for errors and inaccuracies.

PR Specialists

PR specialists use it for checking communications like press releases, speeches, and shareholder reports for any issues.

Government Staff

Ensuring clarity, readability, and accuracy of public documents and official communications.

Website Owners

Website owners can use AI checker to maintain high-quality, error-free website content that engages visitors.


It is best for translators to use it for checking machine-translated material for mistakes and unnatural phrasing.


Educators can use it to assess student writing.

Benefits of using AI detector free

Our tool accurately check AI similarity using advanced algorithms and machine learning. Here are some other benefits you get besides checking AI similarity percentage:

1. Saves Your Time

The Open AI detector can save you a lot of time when checking if text is written by an AI. It is much faster and checks your writing line by line. With the ai text detector online, you get your answer right away within a few seconds. Using this tool will make it easy for you to spot AI and plagiarism without manually reviewing the whole content.

2. Provides You Confidence

The AI content detector gives you more confidence in identifying AI content by providing a percentage score. This gives confidence in telling you the percentage of AI generated content like ChatGPT versus created by a human.

  • A high percentage result means you can be confident the writing comes from an AI or a bot.
  • A lower score indicates the content is human written. 

Having this percentage guide makes it much easier for you to make decisions about the content, to use it further or not.

3. Detects AI Accurately

This tool uses the latest AI algorithms to detect artificial writing accurately. This means it has a very high accuracy rate in identifying if a chatbot like ChatGPT produced the content versus a human writer. You can trust our AI detection tool free of cost and check your text anytime with 95% accuracy.

5. Simple and Easy to Use

The AI writing percentage detector is simple and user friendly. You don't need any specialized skills or training to use our AI detector tool. All you have to do is enter the text and click the “check” button. In a blink of an eye, you will quickly receive the percentage of your AI-generated content.

6. Scalable and Provides Flexibility of Words

The AI detector can effectively analyze your text whether you need to check a short excerpt or a huge document. You also have the flexibility to enter your text with the range of 50 to 1000+ words. Our free AI detector scales your text of any length and detects AI writing with the same high performance.

By saving time, improving accuracy, and bringing confidence, the AI text detector makes it easier to detect AI content.

How to find our AI detector 1000 words?

It is simple to find our online AI checker tool. You can find this tool from your search engine, or you can directly access this website.

If you want to access it from Google, type keyword "AI detector" or "AI text detector". Google will show you top resutls, from here you can click on our website.

To directly access this tool, type its URL on search bar

Why to use this best AI detector?

Our free AI detector percentage allows you to check for artificial writing as many times as you want, with no limits. It gives you 95% accurate results in less than a minute.

You can use it to detect AI similarity within articles, blogs, stories and content of any kind. It offers you unlimited access along with fast, accurate results.

You can use this AI detector free for academic and professional purposes. So start using this powerful tool to check if writing is human or AI-generated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google detect AI content?

Yes, Google can detect AI content. If that AI content is unhelpful, Google will penalize that website. To avoid Google penalty, use humanizer AI. This tool adds uniqueness and quality within your content to make it helpful for readers.

Can AI content detector distinguish between specific AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4?

Yes, AI detector is capable of distinguishing between specific AI models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and others. It scans the writing style and linguistic patterns which are unique to each AI model and provides you accurate identification.

Is there a word limit for using AI text detector?

AI detector does not have a strict word limit. It works best for a text ranging from a single sentence to over 1000 words. Our tool offers you flexibility for various content lengths.

How does free AI detector's accuracy compare to other AI content detection tools?

Our tool uses advanced AI algorithms and offers a high accuracy rate of 95% in detecting AI-generated content. This accuracy level is better than many other AI content detection tools.

Does AI detection software store the text I submit for analysis?

No, AI writing detector does not store or retain the text you submit for detection. We prefer our users' privacy and data security. So, we make sure that your content remains confidential.

Can I use this AI checker to bypass AI detection?

You can use artificial intelligence checker check ai percentage in content. Once you find your content has AI similarity, edit your content to bypass AI detection.

Can AI Content detector be used for academic or professional purposes, such as plagiarism detection?

AI detector online can be a valuable tool for academic and professional purposes, including plagiarism detection. It helps ensure the originality of content and maintain academic or professional integrity.

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